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Dr Sean Harry, also known as the “Bulldog of Self-branding,” shows people how to discover their talents and effectively market themselves. Sean’s clients find new career positions in half the average time. But more importantly, they find engaging work, increased job satisfaction, and environments that fit their personalities. Companies that engage his services get happier, more productive employees and experience significant reductions in turnover.

It’s not surprising that Sean is also one of the best networkers I know.

His QUALIFICATIONS include:Over 15 years of successful responsibility and expertise in:• Training and Development• Organizing people and processes• Recruiting and developing high impact teams• Planning and implementing strategic objectives.• Recruiting and Hiring If you are trying to figure out “what you want to be when you grow up”
Sean, a close personal friend, is also one of our Special Guest Speakers for i Take The Lead Portland meetings. www.itakethelead.com He will be speaking about Networking SMARTER, rather than Harder on February 19th at Noon at El Presidente, 312 E Evergreen in Vancouver. Feel free to come hear him!