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I Take The Lead played a key role in getting our business off the ground. I highly recommend them to any business!

Don Elliott
Elliott Design, Inc.


Ready to grow your business?

Are you developing a new business? Timid about going to a networking meeting alone?

I Take The Lead may be the answer for you!

We help sales professionals increase their referral based business while creating community one member at at time, one city at a time.  Our groups work at maintaining a friendly, nurturing environment.  You will want to check us out if:

  • You have belonged to a networking group before but felt it was a bit stuffy or regimented.
  • You are a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to increase the number of sales you have.
  • You are in sales and would like to increase the number of referrals you get.
  • You are passionate about helping others and are interested in investing in a franchise business that allows you to make a huge difference in the success of others.



Closing The Deal

“Most people would rather do business by referral rather than cold calling.”

I Take The Lead does understand that networking, for many people, is not a natural skill. But it can be a learned skill and we hope our people will be all they can be. While we encourage people to meet outside their respective group to ‘get-to-know’ each other, in our hectic schedules, this is difficult. Yet, networking is a relationship business. The better we know each other, the easier it is to do business with each other, and a greater level of trust is established. During the first meeting of each month within our B2C group meetings, we offer an opportunity to facilitate and foster this process and do the same at various times within our B2B group meetings.

Along with offering two kinds of business referral systems – Business-to-Consumer networking groups or Business to Business networking groups, other benefits i Take The Lead offers all members include the following:

* Special Guest Speaker meetings – We have a variety of Special Guest Speakers who speak on subjects that add value for other professionals/businesses and are of interest to the general business public. Subjects include marketing, social media, networking. communication, etc. All members are welcome to attend all Special Guest Speaker meetings, for no additional fees.

* New Member Orientation is free and optional for all members, new or seasoned.

* Free Business Workshops to help members with their business needs and networking needs

* Free Webinars and Teleminars that cover a variety of business subjects

* Periodic FREE Mixers – i Take The Lead members periodically host Free Mixers. Usually there are 50 or 60 people in attendance, with several guests. Always a great way to network, see old friends, and invite your customers, etc.

* Lead With Heart – The non-profit branch of i Take The Lead. Get involved and network with lots of others, while giving back to the local community.

* FREE Membership Fees – All members can get FREE membership, while helping to build the membership in their groups. Ask us about the Travel Club.

Please contact us at: corporate@itakethelead.com 503-691-9909   11575 SW Pacific Hwy #124 Tigard OR 97223

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