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20 Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is I Take The Lead?

I Take The Lead is an organisation that builds referral groups of professionals, who meet on a weekly basis to exchange qualified leads and build business alliances. There is only one person per profession in each group, so there is no conflict of interest.

Why would I pay for a leads/referral group?

iTTL is the best way to build a referral-based business. Referral business is always much better than cold calling. iTTL is an affordable alternative to the expensive leads groups out there and an effective alternative to free leads group. There is a distinct difference.

Where does the money go?

I Take The Lead is a corporation with business expenses like any other business. Ex, iTTL maintains a fully optimized website and provides a deep level of group support. Most people that understand REALLY appreciate the support that is available.

Do I have to attend the meetings every week?

I Take The Lead does have a lenient attendance policy. You may miss up to 12 times per year, due to travel, illness, unforeseen circumstances. However, in order to really benefit you need to be at the meetings on a weekly basis.

What if I don’t have any leads/referrals to pass?

A referral/lead in iTTL is a qualified lead, so it’s better to pass fewer referrals, as long as they’re qualified. Bringing a guest is also a referral for I Take The Lead.

What are the costs associated with the membership?

For a B2C group, there is a nominal monthly fee of $25. B2B groups are $50 per month. All fee schedules and paperwork for membership will be provided.

I work for a telecom, merchant services, IT, etc company. I never get referrals from other leads groups. How can iTTL help me?

If you work for telecom, merchant services, IT, companies that are typically B2B, you need to be in a B2B networking referral group, in order to get referrals. Traditional referral groups have wonderful professionals, but they simply are not seeing the clientele you need to build your sales. Traditional groups are mostly ineffective for these people.

I saw on the website that iTTL has B2B groups and B2C groups. What is the difference?

Members must qualify for B2B. B2B iTTL groups are strictly for businesses/sales reps who target other larger businesses, rather than the individual. It’s generally more of the corporate environment, rather than working with the entrepreneur. For instance, a financial representative would join a B2B with the intention of getting referrals for setting up 401-K employee plans, rather than working with the CEO or business owner.

What is a qualified lead/referral?

In iTTL, when you pass a referral, you’ve asked for permission ahead of time for the member to call them. Example, I ask Ann if it’s ok for Don to call her, before I pass her info on to Don. When Don calls, Ann says, YES, I want to talk with you.

How are the meetings run? Is there an agenda?

We have an easy agenda to follow. For startups, iTTL will run the meetings until we have Co-directors in place. We believe in the KISS method, keep it simple.

Am I going to be required to bring guests?

It’s important that everyone commit to bringing guests, in order to grow the team. We will provide information about how to invite guests, if you do not know anyone. WE (iTTL) WILL HELP YOU grow the group, which most people agree is huge; however, the members must also be willing to do what it takes.

Who runs the meetings?

Members will be managing the meetings once we set up the Officer Duties. In iTTL, we create an environment of teamwork. Everyone shares in helping the group; therefore, no one person is expected to do it all. WE DO provide continual support, as well.

What if I want to bring my husband/wife, an associate, a friend, etc?

The more, the merrier! There is NO extra charge for people in the same business.

I already belong to another leads group. Is that a problem?

Not for iTTL. We have no policies stating you can not belong to other referral groups.

I belong to a Chamber of Commerce/another organisation. Is that a conflict?

I Take The Lead encourages belonging to other community organisations.

I work with an MLM company. Is it ok to recruit people for my business?

The purpose of the referral group is to exchange referrals/leads, not to recruit. Recruiting during meeting time is not allowed; however, if someone approaches you to ask about becoming a distributor outside the meeting time, that is perfectly fine.

How many members should there be in a group?

We think 15 to 18 members for a B2C group is a great number to strive for. However, it’s best to always be on the lookout for guests. Constantly having guests creates an exciting environment, even if they don’t join.

I heard someone can get ‘free’ dues. How does that work?

As a matter of fact, iTTL has members who never pay dues. When you invite a guest to any of our meetings, and if that guest joins iTTL, you can get a $25 credit toward your dues by following our terms. We also have special promotions from time to time, like weekend trips, etc, in addition to the free dues.

Will you put all of the members’ info on the iTTL website?

ITTL has an opt-in system, rather than put everyone’s info out on the website. If you’d like to have your info/website/e-mail address on the iTTL website, all you have to do is provide some kind of testimonial – for iTTL, for your group, for one of your fellow members, etc. This will be placed on the testimonial page of www.itakethelead.com

What is the difference between I Take The Lead and BNI and LeTip?

They’re all great organizations. You can see some of the ways iTTL is different by clicking on the tab that says “Why we’re Different” at the top of the page. Our members REALLY appreciate the differences.