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Meeting Times & Locations

Guests are welcome to attend 2 total meetings prior to deciding to join. Below you will find all of the weekly meeting locations and times going on in your area. Unsure which meeting is best? Contact Us

In 2005, I Take The Lead initiated Business-to-Business meetings. We have found this to be an extremely successful vehicle for professionals whose primary target market is other businesses, rather than the consumer. For example, residential realtors work with the consumer. These are the people they are coming into contact with on a daily basis. That is perfect for Business-to-Consumer. However, professionals who are in merchant services (sign up businesses for credit card capabilities) need exposure to businesses, rather than the residential consumer.

We offer 2 choices: B2B or B2C. You must qualify for B2B. Policies/fee schedules are different for both.

Currently, many meetings are virtual. The links are subject to change weekly, so they are not posted here. Please reach out to becky@itakethelead.com if you are interested in visiting.