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How We’re Different

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Get the I Take The Lead ADVANTAGE:

I Take The Lead offers numerous distinct advantages over our competition. For example:

  • We help build membership in the groups. Most business networking organizations offer no assistance in building membership. They leave recruiting up to the members themselves. This is a HUGE advantage. Membership is key to the success of generating business opportunity leads. Generating business through networking is only as good as the network just as lead generation systems are only as good as the lead generated. We will help develop and maintain this network in your area!
  • We have a nominal initiation fee. It is not oppressive. It is a one-time fee. You do not need to pay it annually. If you terminate membership and come back, you do not need to pay the initiation fee again. This is very generous.
  • You can pay your membership fees on a monthly basis. There is no annual commitment unless you choose that option. Membership fees are inexpensive. There are member incentives where your membership fees can be free.
  • There are no punitive fines. Other leads groups fine you for being late, for not bringing a lead, for missing a meeting, etc. We prefer the carrot as opposed to the stick. People seem to appreciate this POSITIVE attitude.
  • Our absence policy is very generous. With other leads groups, if you miss as few as two meetings in a six-month period, your membership is terminated, even if you have paid an annual membership fee. We understand life happens. While attendance is extremely important, we give people up to 12 absences per year.
  • There are a plethora of our local groups available. There is power in numbers. We will help you start a group just about anywhere.
  • Once a B2C member, you can and “are encouraged” to visit as many B2C groups as are available. There is no limit and there is no extra cost. We want the ‘extra’ business to go to our members.
  • We are locally owned and involved in the local community. Your membership fees do not go to New York or California. They stay in the local economy.
  • We are community oriented. All donations go back to the local community. With our Lead With Heart campaign, every Valentine’s Day we send out 30 food baskets to 30 families in need in our member’s communities. We support numerous other local charitable organizations and causes. We are a company with a HEART.
  • We have periodic seminars, at a minimal cost, for additional networking opportunities and educational training. All members and their guests are invited. Stay tuned for upcoming events.
  • We have periodic workshops and trainings to improve our member’s skills. We understand networking, for many people, is not a natural skill. But it can be a learned skill and we hope our people will be all they can be. We want people to succeed.
  • The first meeting for our B2C groups of every month is our networking meeting. While we encourage people to meet outside their respective group to ‘get-to-know’ each other, in our hectic schedules, this is difficult. However, networking is a relationship business. The better we know each other, the easier it is to do business with each other and a greater level of trust is established. The first meeting of each month is an opportunity to facilitate and foster this process.

When you add up the differences, you can clearly see the I Take The Lead advantage.