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Our i Take The Lead members tell us all the time how much they appreciate the Special Guest Speaker events we have. They especially enjoy the information our speakers provide. One of everyone’s favorites is Cleon Cox III. Cleon Cox, Author, Publisher, Speaker and Founder of Job Finders Support Group (http://www.jobfindersupport.com/) teaches us how we can make LinkedIn…the newest buzz word in the business community…..benefit us and our business!!! Guests learn about these meetings by going to our website https://www.itakethelead.com/ and going to the Events page. We keep our meetings open to the business community. Feel free to come check a meeting out.

Some of Cleon’s wisdom? According to Cleon his smartest networking move: Realizing that anywhere one goes is always a networking opportunity. By attending assorted venues I’ve met a wide array of folks with many abilities and talents. Some will be added to our circles of influence and others will go by the wayside.
What works: Lots of networking and hard work. Networking is so useful, needed, efficient and fun. When networking we meet many new folks and some will become permanent members of our circles of influence. If we have fun and meet new folks then we have learned something. This is where my personal mantra comes from: “Have fun, meet people, learn something.”