I Take The Lead
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1. Networking is not selling. #1 Tip to keep in mind.

2. Have clear goals in mind. What are you attempt to accomplish?

3. Remember there are all different ways to network from established referral/leads groups to church to rotary to Meet Ups, etc.  What are your interests?

4. Always be yourself. Networking is about building relationships, so why would you try to be someone you’re not?

5. Be known as a connector. Be the one people come to when they want a professional.

6. Help others be comfortable by pretending to be the host, even if you are not. I talked about this in a different post.

7. Ask open-ended questions, rather than questions that elicit yes/no answers. This will get the conversation going. The one thing everyone loves to talk about is me!

8. Follow through quickly on all referrals you receive.

9. Be sure to thank everyone who refers to you/connects you. Recognition can be so powerful!

10. Elevator Speech – Have a well crafted answer to the question “What do you do?” I have a great friend who can help you with this: http://www.veronikanoize.com