I Take The Lead
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lynn 688As one of the Corporate Officers for i Take The Lead, a referral group organization based out of Portland OR, https://www.itakethelead.com/ (with 2 franchises in Seattle WA and 3 franchises in Denver CO) our members, and more frequently guests, try to sell me their ‘goods or services.’ If only they understood the true value of networking!We have a member in our Portland B2B groups, who’s been around for several years. He’s been part of the i Take The Lead communifty for at least 5 years now, as a Merchant Service provider. Lynn’s never once tried to sell us his services; however, he’s been the recipient of several of our referrals. We know he’s dependable, will be fair with his pricing and will take care of the people we send his way, and most of all, we know he will treat these people with respect and will not push his services on them. Rather than try to ‘sell’ them, Lynn is a consultant. The fact is: by not trying to sell us his services, this member has become the recipient of many more referrals than our one business would have represented.Rule #1 for Networking:1. Do NOT sell. Never enter into any networking situation with the intention of selling. Networking is not sales; it’s relationship building.