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Networking Groups

I have built my business from nothing to extremely busy by using Networking Groups. It took more than 60 days (kudos to you Ronnie!) but it is very doable for anyone with persistence. The main local group I use is i Take The Lead – I also attend many free groups and events. My group is having a guest speaker tomorrow – Abigail from Straight Edge Solutions – she has many innovative marketing ideas. I always take something helpful for my business away when I listen to Abigail.

For my local readers – I invite you to come and hear Abigail as well as check out the possibility of advancing your business through Networking Groups tomorrow morning. We meet at Shari’s near Vancouver Mall – It is next to Azteca. The meeting is from 7:30 to 8:30 am – take an hour out of your morning and learn how to build your customers and client base. 80% of my business comes from groups like this one.

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Dotty Scott, Owner of DottyPremium Websites