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Hope you have the opportunity to hear one of our newest Special Guest Speakers: Charles Montgomery http://www.nwesource.com/. Charles (whose son is pictured at the right) was born in Sarasota, FL but “never experienced the sunshine in any quantity to require it. By the age of six, after also living in New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming, Oregon became home. In a semi-nomadic lifestyle his family continued to move around and he attended sixteen different elementary and junior high schools before settling with his parents at a Hillsboro address ad graduating from Glencoe High. Already containing a dynamic personality, this movement cemented the ability to socialize quickly in new environments and also provided the ability to jump ahead academically at several key locations. Through college placement classes, Charles had the talents of many college graduates and after attending a short stint at PCC decided to forgo university for a place in the workforce.”
Similar to life prior, he quickly jumped from position to position, soaking up the knowledge and experience each one provided. Luck, talent and skill landed him a job in tech support with Gateway Computers, where they taught him the ins and outs of customer service and troubleshooting PC’s from motherboard replacement to operating system maintenance. His next position was physically building computers, then software tech support. From there he worked at Intel in logistics support for the processor division followed by a support position in Web Information Systems, which was then only bettered by a network and test engineer position at IBM in Beaverton.

IBM provided significant employee training and his ability to see and understand corporate process have gone a long way towards building an understanding of efficiency in process improvement, especially in regards to technology, which has been a driving factor in our country’s business economic growth. Now he brings that same analytical ability to small businesses, and consults with them on what they need to utilize technology for process improvement themselves, particularly in the realm of communications, marketing and sales. Always the aspiring entrepreneur, Charles is living his dream, helping small businesses grow – while growing his small business. His ability to soak up pertinent information, organize it and re-convey it to I Take The Lead https://www.itakethelead.com/ members has proven invaluable in the last year, and we greatly look forward to his continued participation and contribution in our growing network of incredible professionals.