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taylor ellwoodI had the opportunity to read the following article, written by Taylor Ellwood, owner of Imagine Your Reality.  I wanted to share it with all of you; Taylor provides some excellent information which can help you with your business and/or sales.  Thanks Taylor!Today I’d like to share with you five tips for improving your attitude about business. With this economy its easy to lose heart and to develop a negative attitude. When you’re worried about getting clients in the door or are only seeing returning clients visit, instead of new ones, it can be frustrating, and that can lead to a negative attitude. Once we have a negative attitude, it becomes easier and easier to lose perspective.1. Talk with other business owners or someone else to get some perspective. I finding talking with other people about my situation can really be helpful, especially if what I hear is that I’m not alone. The added bonus however is that sometimes that other person can provide an objective perspective about what you are doing or aren’t doing and give you some ideas to work with.2. Do something fun. All work and no play makes any person dull. Many business owners (and I’m guilty of this myself) spend 7 days a week chained to their business. It’s true that as a business owner, you’ve got to put some time in, but give yourself a break sometimes as well. Take a holiday for yourself. The break will give you some perspective and renew you.3. Be realistic. I’m not talking about being negative here, but instead I’m suggesting that you sit down and assess your overall business plan and strategy. Figure out what you are doing well, and look for areas to improve on. And remember that even in the best of times, there’s always an area of your business to improve on. Being realistic can help you get out of a negative rut, because it shows you what you are doing well, as well as where you can improve.4. Collaborate. Sometimes working with other people on a class or presentation can really improve your attitude. It’s nice to have company, and it’s fun to work together on projects. It can give you a real boost to your attitude.5. Go out and network. When we start to have a negative attitude, we tend to isolate ourselves. At that time, more than ever, it’s time to get out and talk to other people. Find out what they need, and also tell them what you need. Start thinking of who you can refer people to. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel.Contributed by Taylor Ellwood, Business Coach and owner of Imagine Your Reality www.imagineyourreality.comCopyright (C) 2009 Imagine Your Reality All rights reserved.