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sean's picI’ve been in the “networking” business for several years. Most people are surprised to learn that I am shy…terrified of  networking events where I know no one….that I am in no way, shape or form a Networking Natural!  (I’ve learned out of necessity.) However, I am a keen observer, and I love to study people!I’ve noticed that those who are most successful do the following:

  • Have fun
  • Do not take themselves too seriously
  • Never miss an opportunity to connect others (Not connect WITH others, but connect two other parties together)
  • Find Power Partners

Power Partners are the people that share the same clients that you do, call on the same types of businesses, etc.  My friend, Sean Harry, says: “They are casting their line and fishing in the same pond as you.”  (Maybe not exactly the words Sean uses, but pretty similar.)  For instance, if you are a realtor, your best Power Partner is a mortgage lender.   If you are Mary Kay Representative, a possible Power Partner would be someone who sells a line of jewelry through home parties.  Think about others who sell to your clients. When you’re at a networking function, seek those professions out.  You’ll find that to be much more powerful than trying to sell your ‘goods’ to the next person you meet.