I Take The Lead
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Do you belong to a networking organization?

1. The people in your referral group are willing VOLUNTEERS to join your business development team. YOU must provide the tools and motivation.

2. The tools are the easy part – information about you and your business. Make sure that they have a number of your business cards, brochures, etc.

3. Your 30 second speech and 10 minute talk are only “refreshers” for your teammembers to keep them up to date about your business.

4. The IMPORTANT PART is for you to provide the MOTIVATION for your team members to help you build your business. By the way, it’s hard to motivate a team if you don’t show up for practice.

5. Friends are highly motivated to help their friends, not out of obligation or expectation of reward, but out of friendship. The people in your leads group are volunteering to be your friends.

6. Friendships take time and effort to cultivate. Spend the time to make new friends and over time you will see your business grow in unexpected ways.

7. Make it a goal to spend the time to make one new friend per week. In 3 monthsyou will have 12 new friends that are educated and motivated to help you build your business. And you will be educated and motivated to help them build theirs.

8. You will find that coming to meet with your FRIENDS once a week is an activity that you won’t want to miss. It’s not a chore to go to a weekly meeting hoping that someone will have a lead for you.

9. It’s much easier to invite friends to come and meet a bunch of your business friends rather than a bunch of business acquaintances. The more friends you have in your group, the more fun you’ll have, and amazingly, the more business you’ll get.


By Bland McCartha