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Old Orchid LighthouseNetworking.  It seems that most people network for their business or for the purpose of finding a job. Have you ever thought about the influence your networking may have on others?  I heard someone say the other day: “With networking, one person could lead to one thousand people.”  This is so true!  Several years ago, before “Networking” was a commonplace name in the business world, I met the man who was directly responsible for nearly every person who’s entered my life in the last 15 years.  He was a natural. Shy, armed with a quiet demeanor, Ken’s biggest thrill in life was to connect people he liked. Unfortunately my good friend died almost 9 years ago, but not before he left a legacy for all who adored him.  Ken Kimbrough made a huge impact in my life. You see, I have many more than one thousand people in my life now, and they all lead back to Ken. Sadly, Ken left this earth never realizing what a powerful person he was.  What effects does your networking efforts have on others?  Are you connecting people to others?  Do you have a reputation for “being a person of influence?”