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How do you network? Do you belong to a formal referral group? A Chamber of Commerce? Attend multiple Meet Up events? All of the above?I was reminded today, after seeing a mortgage professional at one of our i Take The Lead https://www.itakethelead.com meetings, what networking is, and what networking is not. Networking is not about showing up at a formal membership-driven referral group meeting, unannounced, with the intent of taking business cards and soliciting the other attendees.What Doug (the guest) did not stop seem to understand:  What networking is. That particular referral group has a mortgage lending team, Kevin and Tammi, who’ve been members of that group for 3+ years. Their fellow members have a great deal of respect for the couple.  Kevin and Tammi both continue to get new referrals despite the setbacks of today’s economy; these referrals almost always lead to new business. While they’ve received many benefits, Tammi and Kevin have provided many referrals that have led to huge payoffs for the other members.  It’s been a win-win relationship since day one.Networking is about building relationship, connecting, and serving.