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AbigailEveryone has personality quirks. How we behave when well rested and relaxed is often quite different from when we are tired or stressed. Beneath the variations, we have our fundamental personality. Some personalities are beneficial, even when they are annoying. Some personalities are better avoided. Here are four personalities I’ve labeled Nags, Neds, Nits, and Nuts.NAGSContrary to popular fiction, this personality occurs in both genders. They repeat, repeat, and repeat the same information or direction. Since it’s impossible to find their “off” button, an effective strategy is to discover which communication style works best for them. Everyone uses sight, sound or touch to communicate. We each prefer one above the others. If your Nag prefers sight, a large erasable board to log their directions will often satisfy their need to know the message is received. If your Nag prefers sound, a return phone call to repeat back the directions could suffice. If your Nag prefers touch, ask them write to the message on your erasable board or on your priority list for the week. Once they know their message is heard, Nags are usually content to leave you in peace; at least until the next set of directions.NEDSNeds, also known as Negative Ned, never see the glass as half full. To them the glass is always broken and water is dripping on the floor. This personality kills all energy and enthusiasm out of their environment. They find fault with every suggestion, every innovation, and often with individuals as well. The only way to cope successfully with Neds is to keep them away. One Ned on the team drags everyone down. It is not your role, nor in your best interest to try and “cheer up” a Ned. Help them out the door!

“The only true disability in life is a bad attitude.” Scott Hamilton

NITSNits, also known as nitpickers, can be a gift. Nits’ role is to point out the details that separate the good from the best. Nits find the typo on page 372 of a 600-page manuscript and tell you about it. Nits remind us about due dates, in advance, so we can be successful. I appreciate the Nits in my life, even though I get frustrated when they find a detail I missed. If you are a Nit, be selective about which nits to pick. It’s more valuable to connect, rather than to correct, people. NUTSHumans are like a can of mixed nuts; some are enjoyable, some tolerable, and some need to be tossed. Unlike the can, human Nuts cannot be identified by appearance alone. It takes time to get to know the real person behind their persona. There are Scary Nuts with little or no self-control of their behavior. There are Odd Nuts who have a zeal for a collection, an era, or an event. They love to share their passion with others. Best of all are Delightful Nuts who view life as a comedy and invite you to laugh with them. Based on observation, Scary Nuts tend to have few friends. Odd Nuts tend to belong to groups involved in their fields of interest. Delightful Nuts will invite other Delightful Nuts to join their circle when they discover each other.Odd Nuts and Delightful Nuts add tremendous joy to the workplace and to our personal lives. Scary Nuts are best avoided.Be AwarePersonalities on the team have a huge impact on the success of any venture. It’s easier to be aware of the personalities prior to adding them to your team. There are tools and experts who can help you hire for personality as well as for competency. It’s worth the money to use their help. If you have Neds or Scary Nuts on your existing team, start the process now to help them find a new place to work. When those personalities get “hired away” it’s a happy parting.© 2010 Straight Edge News All Rights Reserved.Abigail DoughertyStraight Edge Solutions 503-297-5798 Abigail@StraightEdgeSolutions.com