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Charles Montgomery of Northwest eSource

When do you really need a new blog?

Life is not easy and neither is change – therefore when something is working it is often best to STICK WITH IT.  However, when you post to your blog near daily, it is important for that content to be on your own domain as your property.  When you post to Blogspot, Blogger, or WordPress.com – you run the risk of losing your blog at any time.  Becky’s information is too timely, informative and relevant to her business to risk that loss.

New Features

It isn’t complete yet, and potentially I will keep this list updated as to the features you can expect.  We are definitely taking the time to optimize her blog for search engines, so stay tuned for updates on the blog’s rankings for search terms people might use to discover content in Becky’s unique niche – effective networking leads groups.  We are also in the process of integrating Google’s Feedburner, which will enable automatic email notification when Becky posts a new blog so we can support her more effectively with comments.  As well she will be able to post her announcements here and people will be notified automatically to supplement her email announcements.  Make sure to sign up!

Portland Web Design

Our core focus is Small Business Web Design and Marketing – including customized, optimized, personalized, hosted blog websites.  We focus on creating high impact graphics and match it with high impact content – you can guess our preference is to work with high impact people, just like Becky Tengwall.  She works very hard to be successful, and successfuly benefits so many others.  I believe that aligning your business interests with those of your clients as altuistically as possible results in the greatest benefit to all in the long run.  Becky does well when her people do well, and at the same time she doesn’t allow shortcuts.  No one is forced to pass lame leads, people are encouraged to build real relationships and foster real solutions.  In a Clackamas B2B meeting with Becky there, Lynn Gray, Peter Grote and Roger Buskers and I combined to coin a phrase:

A Real Solution for a Real Need is Real Networking!

Good luck to you all and happy networking!

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